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GreenZone for Fivem Server 1.0.0


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What it does!

-adds MULTIPLE safe zones around the map
-disable FF, so if someone is in the zone they can not be shot from someone outside of the zone.
-force any weapons in your hands to be put away.
-display a notification when you enter or leave the safe zone.
-display a notification when you try to access the weapon wheel saying “You can not…”
-adds blips to the map for the safe zones(can be disabled)
-add markers to the safe zones!(can be disabled)

Side notes

  • I personally don’t like the marker so i have it commented out
  • I have included a bunch of links and documentation within the client.lua to help you guys out with blip pics and etc.

Configure it!!!

Change the example ones, and add your own coords!

The distance is the length of a RADIUS of a circle, therefor if you put 50, it will be a zone with a 100 diameter.

The MARKER x and y scales should be WHAT YOUR DIAMETER is. So if you have 50 for the safe zone, set your marker x scale and y scale to 100!!!

Drag and drop to resources
Add start zone to server.cfg

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